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Use the form below to send Ragepit a message. I am always happy to hear from my customers and friends. Please be aware that this site is not finished and although your constructive critisism is appreciated- pelase be aware I am following a plan to improve on the site. Because of this, your requests, if not a part of the design, may take some time to implement unless they are fundemental to the safe operation of th site and it's business.

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On Site Training

Although onsite training requests for individual or group training are encouraged- I'll only do so in the local Phoenix area unless travel expenses are provided in addition to negotiated fees. Please feel free to contact me if you have an inquery. The same criteria apply for motivational speaking and similar events.
Custom Nutrition

If you need assistance outside of my online available resources to help you acheive new levels in nutrition or just establish them from the beginning. I hep guide you through this process seemlessly or design you a complete custom nutrition plan for four, six, eight or even 10 week programs.
Upcoming Products

There are additional publications and products, including apparel, that I will have available from time to time. Once these items become more available I will provide a page for you to purchase them online. Please stay tuned for more information about upcoming products.

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