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Beast Award: Courtne
Courtney Miller

I had an opportunity to get to know Courtney Miller, married to Richard Miller from Iowa. Richard and I had worked together in the past and kept in touch after both leaving the same company. He came to me through social network Powerhouse Facebook asking if I would help train his wife for a fight she plans on taking only a few months later. With little planning and fevered execution on their part- they arrived in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona to train for her upcoming fight.

First of all I am always excited to meet new fighters and when it's a woman I am even more excited. To myself, it's a great time for women to get into extreme sports including Mixed Martial Arts. During the time they where her she displayed to me awesome levels of athleticism, determination, and courage. This why Courtney Miller is getting the Rage Pit Beast Award.

Have you always been in great shape; if not- can you elaborate on what inspired you to change?
No, had my daughter 3 1/2 years ago weighed 203 lbs at 5'2- 2 1/2 years later was still way overweight. Just got sick of being heavy and not feeling healthy. I was tired of telling myself that I could never look the same again. One day it just clicked, I needed to do something. After I started seeing changes I was hooked.

What do you do for sports and how do you train on an average day?
I am currently training MMA, ran many 5ks during the summer. I workout at least 6 days a week- circuits, interval training, and usually alternate lifting lower body one day upper the next. One day of the week I leave for just cardio, run my worries away.

What are some goals you have for fitness and how do you plan to incorporate these goals into the bustle of everyday life?
I hope to keep building muscle and get some more definition. I am working very hard on my legs and butt. We will see where that takes me. I squeeze workouts in wherever I can. I like to walk on my lunch break and may start lifting on my lunch. I usually go straight from work to the gym for my workouts.

What do you hate most about gyms (any gym)?
I hate when people are busy on their phones or more into socializing while they are there. The hardest part is getting yourself to the gym, they are there now get to work:)

What do you think you could say to offer someone else advice on getting fit?
Choose your goals and full speed ahead. Don't let others opinions and comments slow you down. I know what I want and I am going to get it.

What do you use to motivate you to pursue your goals?
I keep seeing the results of my hard work that keeps fueling my fire. Also, when others make comments, positive or negative, they are noticing and it pushes me even more.

What are your favorites:
Favorite food- spaghetti
Workout music- anything with an upbeat tempo- really enjoy Eminem
Exercises- running and squats
Body parts- biceps
TV show- Law and Order


Courtney Miller
She is fierce in competition, in the gym, and where competition exists....

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